June 15, 2018

💥 2 New Songs from the SCI Sound Lab!


“Otherside” – SCI & TELYKast Feat. Ruby Chase
SCI joined forces with electronic/pop trio TELYKast and vocalist Ruby Chase to create “Otherside” – the latest release from the SCI Sound Lab! Produced in the spirit of collaboration, this track is a result is a powerful song which highlights each artist’s recognizable musicianship, backed by distinctive production and songwriting. Look for SCI & TELYKast performing together at the Second Weekend of Electric Forest! TELYKast • Ruby Chase


Listen to “Otherside” on Spotify, iTunes and more!

“Vertigo” – SCI Sound Lab (Single)
On the heels of the “Otherside” release, we now have something completely different… the Bill and Jill Nershi penned “Vertigo”. Welcome to the SCI Sound Lab! This is what it’s all about. Vertigo is an old school SCI rocker, a high energy jam that promises to be a powerful addition to the live repertoire. Giving insight into the song, Billy shares, “I was getting ready to go to the Solar Eclipse Festival in Oregon last year. I looked at the sun through a newly acquired pair of sunoculars. Half an hour later everything started spinning. This is the song Jill and I wrote about my experience since then.” – Bill Nershi